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"Tintin A-Z" by Michael Farr, an alphabetic anthology of curiosity from Hergé's Adventures of Tintin.

“One of the joys of reading The Adventures of Tintin is Hergé’s ability to weave everyday life and incidents that we all experience into the narrative: whether persistently misdialled telephone numbers or a piece of recalcitrant sticking plaster. And the characters, they mirror individuals we may well have come across: the proverbial bore and know-it-all such as Jolyon Wagg, the elusive builder Mr. Bolt, or the ever-affable Oliveira da Figueira. This is part of the appeal of the series, its realism and relevance.
The object of this anthology is to select details and facts that may be less familiar or even unknown, and which throw a new perspective on this remarkable reporter and his adventures.


Numbered edition No
Cover type Softcover
Pages 172
Product dimensions 187mm x 236mm
Product language English
Production year 2024
Minimum age 7 years old